Foxie and troll bellies

March 23rd, 2012 by Debbie

Foxie likes to not only rub her trolls on her own belly (and other dolls like Dora or a stuffed animal with JB’s face on it), but she also likes to gently rub their bellies with her thumb. This is just a picture so you can’t really see the action, but even with the troll upside down she’s still rubbing its belly.

3 Responses to “Foxie and troll bellies”

  1. Jody says:

    Such a beautiful lady you are Foxie! I hope people come out of the woods tomorrow night to support you and your brother and sisters! Please buy your tickets today, this is such a fun event and they need our support!

  2. Marcia Douthwaite says:

    Lovely photo of Foxie, Debbie.

  3. Sara Lissabet, Fairfax says:

    I wonder if she’s thinking “how smooth and bald this belly is.” 🙂

    I would have loved seeing Foxie as a mother. She would have been a great one.