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Fun with troll dolls

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

I don’t know very many chimpanzees that will laugh when playing all by themselves.

Shed in the Rain

Friday, March 30th, 2012


Today is caregiver Jackie’s birthday and you can wish her a happy birthday on Facebook. While Jackie was celebrating her day, I really felt like it was my birthday at the sanctuary because construction on “my” shed has begun!

At the Out of the Box 2011 auction in October, 16 people (in some cases, couples) donated towards my “adoption” and what I was really wanting, in my heart of hearts, was a shed to store all of the event set-up and tabling materials, merchandise and other various sanctuary stuff that has crept into the garage and the part of the house that J.B. and I rent from the sanctuary. I was dreaming kind of big, but Keith LaChappelle, Audrey & Jim Spencer, Jack & Sue Mulcahy, Max Carriveau, Jeani Goodrich, Julie Harding, Anika Lehde, Pam Lehnert & Marc Warner, Jessica Martinson & Lisa Cossette, Helen Payton, Dot & Allan Rothfus, Felicity Wood, Cathy Parker, Connie Robertson & Bill Lamm, and Barbara Boekholt gave towards my “adoption” and Jim Spencer even offered up his time and skills to build the shed.

And now it’s becoming a reality! Jim, who traveled all the way from Whidbey Island, Doug Bucklin and J.B. have spent the last two muddy and rainy days outside all day making my storage dreams start to come true. It has been especially heartwarming to see this happening and remembering Barbara Boekholt’s donation in particular. Barbara was Julie’s mom and she recently passed away. She was not well enough to attend the auction last year, but she sent Julie with a check just for my “adoption.”

This shed is no small-deal. We have a lot to store! It’s almost 200 square feet and it will have two windows (we’re using the windows that we removed from the chimp house (minus the caging) when we replaced them with chimp proof glass).

In the first photo below, you’ll noticed some very large logs. J.B. was also “adopted” at the auction and his project was to build new structures on Young’s Hill. Guess what those logs are for?!


Jim leading the crew with J.B. and Doug following instruction:

logs in front of shed construction


J.B. waiting for the word to start using power tools, Doug and Jim making sure things are level:

shed first wall


J.B. standing in front of the shed at the end of today:

JB in front of shedJ

Annie on Mt. St. Helens

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

As mentioned on the blog before, the folks that created the treat rock on Young’s Hill had some concrete left over, so they made a little replica of Mt. St. Helens. Foxie and Jody have both explored around the replica, but it also seems to be a nice little perch. Here’s a picture taken the other day of Annie sitting on top of the mountain:

Joining in on the fun

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Burrito is a pretty shy guy and he’s usually very nervous about new things, which is why we were so happy (and surprised!) that he decided to venture out onto Young’s Hill the first day we opened it. Since then however, he hasn’t spent a great deal of time out there.

But with the weather getting nice, he’s been going out more and more. Today he was the first one out when I opened the door in the raceway and he spent a good 30-40 minutes out there. It’s so good to see him getting more comfortable.

Hiding behind the treat rock

Venturing out with the ladies:

We’re almost to our goal!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Last night I was biting my nails watching the conclusion of the Biddin’ for the Seven online auction. Margaret Parkinson’s painting Missy on a Mission brought in an amazing $2,325! The bid war at the end of the auction for Sally-Anne Ryan’s painting of Negra was really exciting.

Big congrats to all auction winners!

The auction ended last night at $9,317.  I had raised the goal amount twice, starting at $6,500, raising to $9,000, then a final stretch raise to $10,000. So, I was pleased that we made it above $9,000. Then, this morning I wake up to find that Pamela H. donated $500 towards Sustaining the Sanctuary after the auction closed! Thanks to her generosity, we are now only $183 away from the $10,000 goal!!


It’s not too late to contribute!  Consider making a donation of however much you can afford. It will make my day to see that thermometer reach the $10,000 mark.

All donations and all auction purchases go directly towards caring for the chimpanzees, and you know how seriously we take that mission. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you to everyone who came to Sippin’ for the Seven and who participated in the Biddin’ for the Seven auction. I’ll be sharing photos soon of the Sippin’ event. I really had a great time catching up with supporters, meeting new people, and connecting with the wonderful winery, brewery and cidery reps. It’s been a great few days, and you can make it even better for the Cle Elum Seven.


Today in the greenhouse

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Jody resting:

Missy and Annie grooming Jody:

Foxie and a new Dora the Explorer doll courtesy of friend Leslie Sodaro:


“Innocent” Jody

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

While Jody is very much a sweetheart when she wants to be, she does have her devilish side. She is often the first of the chimps to greet us humans in the morning- usually with a long kiss and a breathy pant. Her sweet almond-shaped eyes will make you melt.

but… she’s not always so innocent

Good thing troll dolls are loved with or without hair!

Time to relax

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The weather is getting warmer in Cle Elum and the chimps are starting to spend more and more time out on the hill. Over the winter, the chimps spent most of their time outside running around, playing, and exploring. But with the warmer weather, they are starting to relax a bit more.

Jamie sitting on the end of a climbing structure beam:


Missy can only sit still for so long, however. Jackie took this photo of Missy playfully grabbing Annie’s foot:

Foxie and troll bellies

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Foxie likes to not only rub her trolls on her own belly (and other dolls like Dora or a stuffed animal with JB’s face on it), but she also likes to gently rub their bellies with her thumb. This is just a picture so you can’t really see the action, but even with the troll upside down she’s still rubbing its belly.

Jamie’s letters to you

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

We are gearing up for Saturday’s Sippin’ and Biddin’ for the Seven event! If you haven’t yet, check out the art that is available to view on the Biddin’ auction site. Here’s a few selections from the art listing, and some personal favorites of mine—Jamie’s art pieces are up for auction! As many of you know, Jamie is our artist in residence. The first two art pieces are “letters” she’s written with pen. It’s fascinating to see how much enjoyment she receives when given a pen and a piece of paper. And when given paint she can get super creative (the last two pieces were created with some beautiful pink and purple finger paints). A big shout-out to University Frame Shop in Seattle for all of the wonderful framing.

Here’s Jamie’s letter to you:

Jamie’s second letter to you:

Some of Jamie’s mixed media art (it includes some shells that she purposefully attached to the painting):

Jamie’s finger painting:

These will all be up for auction starting Saturday at 5PM Pacific time. Go here to register for the online auction now. Be ready, I have a feeling these are going to get bid on quickly! They are each completely unique art pieces, and would make a lovely addition to your wall, not to mention they will lead to interesting conversation about Jamie and the Cle Elum Seven!

And, if you’ve got something that needs framing, give University Frame Shop a call at (206) 526-1449.