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Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Negra is the queen of many things, including getting cozy. Here she is snuggled up on one of the benches high up in a front room.

Negra under blanket in front room


She actually got around quite a bit today – mostly moving from one napping place to another. In this photo Negra is in front of a window on the catwalk of the playroom – one of her favorite spots. I got up on a ladder to take the photo:

Negra under orange blanket


Jamie used the afternoon to siesta in the greenhouse. I climbed a ladder to get the photo below too. In their natural habitats, chimpanzees almost always sleep in the trees high off the ground. Most chimpanzees in captivity also prefer to be up high when they sleep.

I love the bits of lighter skin on Jamie’s eyelids in this photo:

close up of Jamie with eyes closed