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Flowers, Strawberries and Piñatas, Oh My

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so you must be thinking about flowers, strawberries and… piñatas, right?

If these aren’t the things that come to your mind, you’d better check out our special Valentine’s Gift Store. You can give your human loved ones the unique gift of having these gifts given to the chimps in their honor (plus personalized fence posts, beads for Burrito or a Chimpanzee Pal subscription). It’s the gift that gives twice! Just do it soon so we have time to give your Valentine a handwritten card about the donation in their honor.

As inspiration, here’s some photos of the chimps with flowers, strawberries and piñatas.

Jackie giving flowers to Jody

Missy with lilac flowers

Jody with rose


Burrito eating strawberries

jody with pinata and strawberry

Annie with guitar pinata

Negra with boot pinata