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Something to Lighten Your Day

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

This post is for Tamela and Julie, supporters who are separately going through very similar tough times right now. We want them to know that everyone at the sanctuary is thinking about them. I decided to put this video together in the hopes that it will lighten and brighten their day today, even if just a bit.

A little background on the video and the doll you’ll see: Sometime around 2003, J.B. received a package in the mail from Sarah that contained a custom-made doll. The doll’s face was an image taken from a photo of J.B. himself. The “J” in J.B. stands for John, so the doll became known as Baby John. Personally, I thought the doll was funny, but also more than a little creepy.

This past summer I decided it was time to get Baby John out of our house. I thought a sure-fire way to have him permanently destroyed was to give the doll to the chimps (I’m not sure what I would have done if I had a different job!)

Jackie and Debbie were the first caregivers to present Baby John. Below is the video that was taken that first day.