The Many Nests of Jamie Chimpanzee

January 25th, 2012 by Elizabeth

I was watching Jamie gather blankets and enrichment to make a nest in the playroom this morning and thinking about some of the unique and impressive nests she makes. She has some nesting habits that distinguish her from the other chimpanzees.

She often forms a circle with her blankets and leaves bare floor underneath:

When she’s making a nest near some caging, she likes to weave blankets or sheets in and out of the fencing:

But her favorite spot to nest seems to be at the base of the stairs in the playroom (maybe because it’s a good vantage point for keeping an eye on all of her chimpanzee and human friends). The nests she makes there always include an interesting combination of blankets, sheets, paper, toys, and any other suitable material she can find. She’ll generally walk around gathering her materials, arrange everything in a pleasing fashion, then settle down in the nest and inspect all the enrichment she’s collected.

9 Responses to “The Many Nests of Jamie Chimpanzee”

  1. Jessica says:

    Did Jamie build that ‘fort’ in the third picture from the bottom? I love the photos of her with her boots!

    • Elizabeth says:

      The picture’s an older one, and none of us can quite remember taking it, but my guess is that Jamie did have some part in the building of the “fort”.

  2. leslie sodaro says:

    great pictorial of jamie designed and executed nests … many thanks to the phototog

  3. Meg says:

    Certainly does make you wonder what she is thinking.

  4. Linda (Portland, OR) says:

    What a creative girl!! Amazing to see what she goes through to “Poof & Foof” her nest and place all her enrichment items in strategic places. The only thing missing is the remote control for the TV! 🙂

    LOVED these pics Elizabeth. Especially the cardboard box ones!

  5. Marcia Douthwaite says:

    What a wonderful set of photos, Elizabeth, thank you. I loved the cardboard box, too—don’t most children enjoy playing with big boxes, pots & pans, etc? She is so creative and looks very pleased with it all. I think I will go grab my blanket and make a cozy nest now 🙂

  6. Mandy says:

    Beautiful! Nothing better than to see an enriched chimpanzee.

  7. Sara Lissabet, Fairfax says:

    We all know Jamie to the stylish one of the group! Is that a pair of blue shorts she’s wearing in one of those photos? I love the smile on her face in that photo – she is one satisfied chimp, with her blankets, toys and of course, her boot.