Negra’s daughter Heidi

November 19th, 2010 by Diana

New England Anti-Vivisection Society’s Project R&R has obtained a few photos through their Freedom of Information Act request.

Below is a photo of Heidi, Negra’s daughter, who is still at the Alamogordo Primate Facility (see post from earlier today)


16 Responses to “Negra’s daughter Heidi”

  1. Margaret and Karen says:

    Heidi is so beautiful. She has a sad look in her eye. I want her to come and live here with her mother.

  2. marie cross (uk) says:

    Margaret and karen that just what we said straight away how lovely but sad her eyes are it would be such a beautiful thing if it was possible to reunite mothers with their youngsters in the future

  3. Julie Harding says:

    I’m wondering if Negra would know or recognize her.

  4. Kate says:

    Oh, she is so gorgeous and yes, those eyes say a lot. She so looks like her mum!

  5. theresa says:

    Heartbreaking! She looks so sad. It would be incredible if she could be reunited with Neggie!

  6. Cathy Parker says:

    job one: get her the HECK out of the Project.

  7. Lynne says:

    When i look at this beautiful baby chimp, my heart breaks and my faith in some of the so called human beings makes me ashamed to be of the same species.How is it that in this day and age,some of us have to fight battles with others over human decency towards Gods other creatures.I feel so very helpless by not being able to do enough.I know what i would like to do, but i can’t write it down, it would probably get me in trouble. It is wonderful that some of us truly care and that the chimps will have the climbing polls to enjoy.Thanks for putting up with my rant,i guess i am to emotional.

  8. Theresa says:

    It’s called passion, Lynne. Passion for these and all other chimps that we all want to live like they should, in a family with their own kind, free to make choices. We all feel helpless at times and feel like we aren’t doing enough but always remember, one person does make a difference.

  9. Candy (Tyler, Texas) says:

    I know we’ll never know, but I wonder if the mother chimps remember their children by smell, knowing they only have them for a short time.

  10. Jeani Goodrich says:

    I think everyone wonders that. I hope one day we can find out.
    Yes those eyes got to me too. They do so much look like Negra’s eyes. They are expressive and beautiful.

  11. Kathy Haydel says:

    How old is Hedi? She is beautiful. yes sad eyes. that is why I always say the the 7 in your sanctuary look so happy. Do you have room for more ? Let us all pray that one day soon we will no longer have chimps held in labs and not treated in a manner such as the 7 are loved and taken care of at your sanctuary. God bless all of these beautiful creations.

  12. Diana says:

    A few years ago I probably would have said that it was extremely unlikely for a chimp to know their offspring years later if they were taken at birth. I think about whether humans would know their child given up for adoption at birth. But there is a story of a chimp who was rescued from an animal trainer and put into a group that included her mother at Save the Chimps. They apparently screamed and ran into each others arms. That doesn’t mean that kind of recognition would happen in all cases, but it’s possible.

    • marie cross (uk) says:

      oh dear that somehow makes it all the more sad and heartbreaking 🙁 thank you for the info Diana

  13. Eric Dodge says:

    The last time I saw Heide was in Sept. of 1990. She was using me as a tree as I cleaned. She loved giving kisses.

  14. Eric Dodge says:

    Yes, I think Negra would know her. They were housed across the aisle and within sight of each other all off 1989 and 1990.