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Nuts for chimps

Friday, November 12th, 2010

One of the chimps’ favorite foods is nuts. At the end of each day, we give the chimps “night bags”, which are paper bags of unsalted nuts, seeds, popcorn, unsweetened dried fruit and various other goodies. The ingredients change based on what we have, but one thing is for sure- nuts are always in the mix! All of the chimps get pretty excited over night bags, especially Negra, who LOVES nuts.

For our next Chimps’ Choice, we would like to stock up on unsalted, in shell mixed nuts, jumbo walnuts, and almonds for our night bags and for forages. I have added the specific types we would like to our Amazon wishlist, both because we do not give the chimps much salt, and because we are stocked up on certain other types of nuts (for example: we have plenty of peanuts!).

So take a look at our Amazon wishlist and help us provide a more varied night bag for the chimps, and as always, I’ll send you something special in return.

Here’s a little inspiration:







Negra, the queen of night bags, herself: