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Mother’s Day Party

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Here are a bunch of pictures from today’s celebration. As I type the chimps are enjoying bouquets of fresh fruits and veggies, chocolate cupcakes, pita pockets stuffed with peanut butter, and gorgeous paper flowers sprinkled with raisins!

Jody with a gift bag:

Jody getting one of her Mother’s Day brunch crepes thanks to Denice:

Foxie saying hello to one of her new trolls thanks to Robbi:

Foxie always looks cool while eating:

Annie snacking on three crepes at once:

Super stars Sarah, Julie, and Jeani with the bouquets and cupcakes they worked on all afternoon!

Foxie hiding behind some of the beautiful handmade flowers from Jeani’s school:

Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of Jody’s birthday and all of our chimpanzee mothers, we want to thank these wonderful people who helped us celebrate! We couldn’t provide Jody and her friends with such wonderful care without your help.

Leslie Sodaro – in memory of her mother Jean Coe, Feb 1914 to Jan 2010, who loved all animals.
Jeani Goodrich – in memory of Florence Goodrich.
Julie Harding – in honor of her mother Barbara Boekholt.
Jordan Bower – in memory of Susan (Krischano) Olson.
Karen Lucht – in honor of Joan Lucht.
Madelaine Thompson – in honor of Marilyn Thompson.
In honor of Lucy Harding.
John Blattenbauer – in honor of Julie Blattenbauer.
Paul Cheever – in honor of Linda Cheever.
In memory of Eli Harris.
Shannon York – in honor of Myra Leach.

We’re celebrating all day long today – we started with a brunch forage in the outdoor area, and volunteers Sarah and Julie Harding and Jeani Goodrich are hard at work making sugar free chocolate cupcakes and bouquets of greens and fruit for dinner. Here’s a picture of Jody enjoying the morning forage to hold you over till we get video and more photos together later!