Sippin’ thanks

March 9th, 2010 by Diana

Perhaps it is appropriate that the Academy Awards aired just the other night. It’s interesting to get a feel for how many people are “behind” a person and/or a performance. The same goes for fundraising events! Here is our long list of people to thank for Saturday’s success:

Kristi Payne of Vintage Vine. She approached us last year about putting on a wine tasting to benefit the chimpanzees. We had only done small scale events before and didn’t have much experience with local, “formal” events. Kristi is the best partner we could hope to have – she’s good-humored, not easily flustered, hard-working and well-connected with wineries. She pulled together the event last year in just a few weeks. And this year’s was bigger and better. She’s the brains and much of the brawn behind Sippin’. Be sure to visit Vintage Vine in the new location, opening soon at 104 N 1st St in Roslyn.

Nichole Welch. Nichole is a student in the wine program at Central and is exploring her interest in planning wine events as a career. She was an event volunteer at Sippin’ last year and she was involved every step of the way this year. She brought her organizational skills and determination to have the volunteer portion of the evening run like a well-oiled machine. Thanks to Nichole, there were no big issues on event night – how many event planners can say that?

Poppoff, Inc. made a generous donation to sponsor Sippin’ for the Seven, 2010. Events are all about the return over the investment, and having a large cash donation meant that the overall profits increased before anyone even stepped through the door. Plus, the Poppoffs are just good folks. You may recall Matt Poppoff working in the rain in late October when we broke ground for the greenhouse construction. Even before that, Gay Dorsey (the alpha female of the Poppoff clan?) featured Jamie on her blog (how could she, after-all, have a blog about style and not mention Jamie?) The chimpanzees at CSNW have attracted some really amazing fans, and we’re all very grateful for all of the fans in the Poppoff family.

93.7 The Wind. Cle Elum is a small town and there is just one radio station. Luckily, it’s a good one. 93.7 The Wind plays classic hits that I wake up to it every morning. It’s one of the last family owned and operated broadcast stations in the state, and they support their local businesses and nonprofits. As in in-kind sponsor of Sippin’, the radio station supplied a very generous schedule of advertisements and attracted many local attendees who may have missed out on the event otherwise.

Inland Networks. Inland supplies telephone and internet service for Roslyn, WA and the surrounding areas, and they also own the Masonic Building where Sippin’ was held. They gave us a great deal on the space and allowed us to set up an entire day early, which meant those who helped with set-up could actually enjoy the event rather than feel the need to collapse from a day of moving tables around.

Participating wineries and breweries. They made the night what it was. It’s not just about the wine and beer poured, but about the expertise and friendliness of the pourers, many of whom were the actual wine makers. So, big thanks to: Cedergreen Cellars, Ironhorse BreweryNaches Heights Vineyard, Northwest Totem Cellars, Kestrel Vintners, Gamache Vintners, Waters Winery, The Bunnell Family Cellar, Knipprath Cellars, Fontaine Estates Winery, Gard Vintners, Goose Ridge Estates Vineyard and Winery, McKinley Springs, Smasne Cellars, Yakima Craft Brewing Company, Syncline Wine Cellars, Wells Winery, Waving Tree Vineyards and Winery, Mannina Cellars, O’Reilly, Fallobst, Ott and Murphy Wines by Swede Hill Cellars

Lenny Price. We were so lucky to have Lenny return this year to provide the ambiance for the evening. If you attended the event, you know that Lenny is a very talented saxophone player. He is also a composer and teacher with a very impressive resume.

Millie Radonovich. Setting the tone for the evening, Millie welcomed people to the event with her lively and always impassioned music. We are so happy she agreed to play again this year.

Ben Kulikowski of Chicago Foods, LLC. There’s a hot dog stand near Pioneer Coffee on the main drag through Cle Elum. That’s Ben’s.  He’s a professional chef with a big heart and actually thanked me repeatedly for contacting him about helping out, even though he donated all of his time and expertise to the food planning and prep. I think he has a future in vegan food catering, and I am still thinking about that tuscan white bean pate…

Frank Schuchman. Another talented local chef who helped Ben with the day-of food prep, despite feeling under-the-weather.

Field Roast Grain Meat.  I hit the food table too late to enjoy their sausage, which made me realize how much other’s must have enjoyed it! They gave a whole case of mixed sausages and I heard rave reviews from attendees. Field Roast is also a favorite of the chimpanzees.

Essencia Artisan Bakery. Chef Ben went all the way to Yakima to get all of the ingredients for the food. Yakima’s Essencia Artisan Bakery donated half of the bread used for the bruschetta bar and gave us a great deal on the other half.

Madalaine Welch. This year’s gorgeous Sippin’ posters, promotional cards, tickets, and wine tasting booklet cover were all designed by Madalaine Welch of Welch Graphic Design and Production (360-860-1103). She did this work free of charge while also going to school full time.

Tiffany Diamond. We are going to have some fantastic photos to share of the event thanks to Tiffany Diamond Photography (206-310-5435). We met Tiffany at last year’s event, she helped with our fall auction last year, and she was the official photographer for Sippin’ 2010. Can’t wait to share the pics!

Event volunteers. Wow. The volunteers were phenomenal, weren’t they? Pam Lehnert‘s always amazing, often edible decorations; the incredible troll headbands made by Rozsika Steele (which, I’ve been told we could sell for a pretty penny); the knitted bananas thanks to Andy Gray, Lisa Schuster and Sharon Loosmore, the entire clean up crew who whipped that place into shape in no time flat, and the many competent event volunteers at registration, the wine store, the food table, etc. etc. Each volunteer played a vital role in the success of the event. I hope I’m not leaving anyone out (now this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech): Lindsay Zagler, Ben Eckley, Jeani Goodrich, Rachel Haney, Joe Valenti, Joe Lorenz, Candie Ream, Roslyn Smith, Paige Berrigan, Spencer Williams, Ally Peters, Katie Ranier, Christina Broussard, Kristin Kittelson, Jarred Whelchel, Elissa Finkelstein, Alyssa Mehs, Johnathan Hill, Janine Brodine, Janen Korth, Colin Redmon, Grace Enlow, Caleb Payne, Jonine Collins, Marc Warner, Margie Ferguson, Debbie Metzler, Chelsea Gordon and Ryan Steele. You all rock.

There were several businesses/organizations that lent a hand, donated goods, or allowed us the use of their spaces. Sterling Savings Bank (use of the credit card machines), Dulces Latin Bistro (donated two cases of wine), Abbott’s Printing (always producing quality printing for a reasonable price), smith exhibits (our in-town ticket seller), Glodo’s (keeping things cool with their donation of ice), Cascade Rail Foundation (use of their kitchen space for food prep), 2R Bar and Bistro (lent us a chaffing dish), Chandler Reach Winery (incredible tour and tasting prize), Coffee Comfort Company (coffee for the evening), Salon 2120 (manicure and pedicure prize).

And, finally,  the attendees. You raised $7,200 for the chimpanzees, and I’m pretty sure you had some fun doing it. We hope you all come back next year!

7 Responses to “Sippin’ thanks”

  1. Julie Poppoff says:

    The Poppoffs LOOOOVE the chimps! All 6 of us have had our lives changed for the better since meeting them. We all have a favorite (mine’s Foxie) and we’re forever thankful to the chimps for opening our eyes to all animals everywhere.

  2. Matt Poppoff says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Chimpies! I can’t wait to see my 7 friends again! Anything we can do to help them, we’re in!

  3. Margaret and Karen says:

    Yes, Julie. I love the way you put that. Our chimpanzees do open our eyes to all animals everywhere. Perfect.

  4. Julie Harding says:

    I feel honored to be a part of such a successful event! Diana, you and your team, as you so graciously acknowledge, deserve a huge sigh of relief. Sippin’ For the Seven has a HUGE success that will only build popularity in the future. I hope next year that I can wear a troll headband as being a devoted volunteer. Woot Woot!!

  5. Theresa says:

    I envy all that were able to participate in the event. I am so thrilled that the Cle Elum 7 have so many supporters that are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make them happy. The support shows that there are still lots of good people in this world. Sometimes we need to see that when things are looking bleak. Thank you to everyone for your participation in helping to give these incredible chimps a life they deserve. They certainly do steal your heart!

  6. Felicity says:

    Thank you so much to all the sponsors and vendors involved. I will make sure to look up your businesses and pass those websites on to my friends & family in the future. Your support and donations are appreciated by so many!

  7. Jeani Goodrich says:

    It Was a great night and I’m glad to have a list of all the people and businesses who donated. It is good to be able to reciprocate.
    Yeah Julie! Foxie is my favorite too!! I just can’t get over her smile and twinkle in those eyes.
    Thank you Diana for all your hard work as well. It couldn’t have been done without you.