Jamie’s dexterity

April 1st, 2009 by Sarah

Jamie LOVES it when we give her a ball point pen. I love her pen ritual – it’s as though she needs to collect a certain shopping list of things before she can begin writing. You can almost see her planning in her head. She’ll take the pen, pause while she scans the play room, and then walk around to collect what she needs. Sometimes it’s a blanket, or a stool, and a certain toy. Today she needed a blanket, an address book, and a scarf with a troll doll attached. There’s been so much talk about how strong chimps can be – but think about the gentle, fine movements required to draw with a pen!



5 Responses to “Jamie’s dexterity”

  1. Candace (Tyler, TX) says:

    I love Jamie’s intense concentration on her projects. As I was reading the items she gathers to begin writing I realize I do the same thing. I love the way Jamie daintily holds the pen, I sure can’t do that.

  2. Cindy says:

    OOOH, This is giving me so many ideas for more interesting enrichment!!!! I have always been awestruck by her determination and focus, she doesn’t disappoint! It is amazing what lurks behind those intent eyes!!!

  3. Jeani Goodrich says:

    I just love her look. She is such a pool of hidden depths! Hearing about how she readies herself is so interesting. Jamie it is so good to see you having time, space, and things to enjoy. Thanks Sarah.

  4. Anna says:

    It’s fascinating that chimps are fascinated by making marks on a piece of paper with a writing implement! I’m guessing they’ve picked this up from watching humans do it, but I don’t imagine they’d continue it if something about those henscratches didn’t call to them.

    There’s something about the deliberate-ness with which Jamie does this that hovers enticingly right on the edge of evolution …

  5. Sara Lissabet says:

    I’m just getting back from over a week without access to the internet. I’m now catching up on my gals (and Burrito)! This is so fascinating – I’d love to see more of what she’s writing or drawing!