The patient

January 23rd, 2017 by Katelyn

When I arrived to the chimp house this morning I went in the chimp area to greet everyone and found our patient, Queen Negra, fast asleep:

Another pass through and I found her enjoying a magazine from the comfort of her nest as she tried to wake up:

…and tried to wake-up:

But it was too early by the Queen’s standards so she swaddled herself up like a Neggie burrito and headed back to sleep until breakfast:

Negra is doing well and in great spirits! She is continuing to heal more and more each day and it seems the doctor’s orders to take it easy and rest are right up her alley.

Happy Birthday, Doreen!!

January 23rd, 2017 by Katelyn

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a dear friend of the primates at CSNW, Doreen Hughes! This fabulous day of sanctuary and celebration was sponsored by her twin sister, Donna, (who is obviously celebrating her own birthday as well!). Donna shared this special message for Doreen:

“Happy Birthday Doreen, the Best Sister Ever! I know how happy you will be to know that your birthday gift has helped Foxie and her friends!!! Your love, devotion and support to all animals speaks for itself! I know what a great year 2017 will be for you, we are so hopeful to meet Foxie and her friends – ape and human – in 2017! Eye on the prize, Doreen! xo xo Donna”

Doreen and Donna, HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you both from all of the primates here at CSNW!! May your day be bursting with love, laughter, and all that makes your heart do Foxie-style backflips, pirouettes and spins! We could not be happier to celebrate with you. We’re so happy you are in the world!

Don, thank you so much for sponsoring this special day as a gift for the chimps and for all you both do to make the lives of so many others better.

From your pal, Foxie, a tribute to twins:

The Elusive Jody Chimpanzee

January 22nd, 2017 by Keri

Out of all of the chimpanzees here at the sanctuary, Jody is the most elusive (especially when it comes to us taking photos of her). So, when the opportunity presents itself, we try to take it.

This morning, she payed special attention to Foxie’s brow ridge during grooming.

Jody on the left, Foxie on the right.

Afterwards, she “cuddled” with a blanket and took a short nap.

Here she is, this afternoon, taking a peak out the raceway door (the area leading from the Greenhouse to the chimps’ 2 acre outdoor enclosure) before making a few trips outside to gather snowy treats.

Get to know more about Jody here.

The Eyes Have It

January 21st, 2017 by Diana

I took some photos of Burrito this morning that caused me to admire his face and think about the chimpanzee facial features that I love.

burrito sitting

The top of my personal “awesome chimpanzee facial features” list is the brow ridge (also known as supraorbital torus, ridge, or arch).

Though much less pronounced in chimpanzees, humans have a supraorbital ridge too – our eyebrows normally sit near the bottom of our arches.

Each chimpanzee has a somewhat unique brow ridge – I wonder if you could identify a chimpanzee by a brow ridge “print” like a fingerprint.

I will never say that I have a favorite chimpanzee, but I will admit that I have a favorite brow ridge: Jody’s. I like how deeply arched it is with lots of wrinkles, giving it a decidedly heart-shaped appearance:

Jody eyes


Here’s a look at everyone else’s supraorbital tori:






Negra close-up



Foxie looking down


Jamie (that’s also her profile in the 2nd photo in this post):



Annie close-up



Burrito upside down


Tool Use

January 20th, 2017 by J.B.

Tool use was once thought to be a defining characteristic of the human species.

A Little Light Reading

January 19th, 2017 by Elizabeth

This morning Jamie spent about 30 minutes intensely focused on this Sunset Magazine.

In memory of Mandy Newton

January 19th, 2017 by Katelyn

Friend of the chimps, Peggy Burke, sponsored this special day of sanctuary in memory of her granddaughter, Mandy. Peggy shared this message about her beautiful gift:

“My granddaughter, Mandy Newton would have celebrated her birthday on the 19th but she passed on due to a car accident in 2000 at the young age of 20. This year I want to remember her by honoring the Cle Elum Seven. She loved all living things and would have shared my love of the chimps.”

Peggy, thank you so much for honoring Mandy and the chimpanzees. Mandy sounds like such a lovely soul and we are so sorry for your and your family’s loss. Your gift is such a beautiful way to pay tribute to Mandy and to ensure her life continues to make a difference in the world.

It’s an amazing privilege that we get to have here with Sponsor a Days. It’s because of the chimpanzees, but also because of the incredible humans who are drawn to them. We get to share in the lives of so many people, to celebrate with them, to honor and remember the people, fellow animals, and events that hold meaning in their hearts, and sometimes, just to stand with them in difficult times, to witness their grief, their heartache. And ultimately through it all, to witness love.

Foxie and some of her loves:

Grooming Noises

January 18th, 2017 by J.B.

Chimpanzees use distinct sounds to communicate during grooming. Grooming noises such as the lip smack, the teeth clack, and the Bronx cheer are made solely with the lips, tongue, and teeth and not the vocal tract.

Troll Scarves + Negra Update

January 17th, 2017 by Elizabeth

Troll scarves are a uniquely CSNW phenomenon (as far as we know), and they are a strange one. They’re just what they sound like: trolls (and other dolls) tied to scarves. They’re a huge hit here at the sanctuary. Foxie likes them because they’re an economical way to transport as many dolls as possible; many of the chimps love playing tug of war with them; and Jamie likes to wear them, as you can see from this photo Diana snapped this morning.

In other news, Negra is so happy to be reunited with the group and back snoozing in her favorite spot on the playroom catwalk. Her toe is looking great and we’re sharing all your well wishes with her!

The Grooming Train

January 16th, 2017 by Keri

What started out as a play session between Missy and Negra (a very mellow play session I might add), quickly turned into a grooming session, once Jamie chimpanzee showed up. Soon after, Annie joined the grooming train.