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The Future of CSNW

The State of the Sanctuary 2017:




2017 Update:


We have the finished engineered plans for Phase 1 (medical clinic, introduction and quarantine space) of the planned chimpanzee building expansion and are currently seeking bids and finalizing details in order to get building permits. At the same time, our architect is working on plans for Phase 2 (large playroom for a separate group of chimpanzees). The construction industry is busy in our area right now, so we will likely break ground for Phase 1 in the spring of 2018 (see the image of the plan below). 


Additionally, we recently closed on the purchase of 21 acres of land immediately adjacent to the original sanctuary property. This brings the total acreage to 89 and establishes a buffer on all sides of the existing developed sanctuary land. Plus it sets the sanctuary up to provide a home for many more animals in need well into the future. 


While we have done everything we can to move forward with finalizing a contract for the transfer of additional chimpanzees to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, some circumstances are out of our hands. However, we remain committed to providing a home for more chimpanzees who would benefit from a sanctuary environment, and we are excited to break ground on the expansion in a matter of months.


expansion plans



We are also looking to the future and considering how we can best provide sanctuary for other primates given our geographical location and increased property size.




Watch the video below for the surprise expansion announcements

made at the HOOT! Gala on April 30, 2016:



2016 Update:

As the video above announces, in the spring of 2016, the sanctuary was able to acquire two additional parcels of land, tripling the total acreage. We do not have plans to immediately build on the new property, but the land provides a buffer for the sanctuary and will allow for further expansion in the future.

A $50,000 matching grant from The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Fund, matched by generous donors at the 2016 HOOT! gala and further support throughout the year enabled us to move forward on plans for a physical expansion to be conducted in four phases so that CSNW can provide a home for more chimpanzees in need. Big thanks to everyone - individual donors and private foundations - who supported this effort as well as contributed towards the ongoing care of the chimpanzees. With your help, we plan to break ground on Phase 1 in 2017 and will continue to raise funds for further phases via our Bring Them Home Campaign for Expansion.


The State of the Sanctuary 2015:



As you’ll see in the above video, we’ve accomplished a lot together in the seven years since we first met Jamie, Negra, Burrito, Foxie, Jody, Annie, and Missy in that laboratory basement.


Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is a testament to what can happen when chimpanzees are given a second chance in a true sanctuary environment where they are given the freedom to make choices and, finally, learn what it is to be a chimpanzee.


Thanks to supporters, donors, volunteers, and chimpanzee advocates like you, both the chimpanzees and their sanctuary home have been transformed, and thousands of people have been made aware of the plight of chimpanzees and have been moved to help them.


At CSNW, chimpanzees can live out the rest of their lives with dignity and respect, and each day this motivates us to do more. The video tells the outline of our plan for the future. Below is a more detailed explanation.

2014 - 2015 Update

You helped us lay the groundwork for expansion. Thanks to donor support, we were able to build our cash reserves by three full months, giving us an even greater ability to withstand any bumps in fundraising or unexpected expenses. On September 15, 2015, we purchased the sanctuary property, which we were leasing up until that point, putting us on solid footing to move forward.


The Future


Rescuing More Chimpanzees

We have the capacity to add a few more chimpanzees to our current group now; however, in most circumstances this would require quarantine and social introduction space that we currently lack.


The construction of additional chimpanzee enclosures would give us flexibility and allow us to care for a second group here at the sanctuary so that more chimpanzees released from labs, removed from private homes, and rescued from use by the entertainment industry can know the love, comfort, and security that the Cle Elum Seven enjoy.



Building Staff and Volunteer Resources

The staff, volunteers, and interns at CSNW have happily sacrificed a tremendous amount in the last six and a half years in order to focus on giving the chimps the best home possible while also advocating for all great apes.


But an organization runs best when the people who are responsible for running it are given the resources they need. To meet those needs, our expansion will include staff offices, more workspace for volunteers and interns, and additional on-site housing for caregivers.


Improving Student Training and Visitor Education

Over the last two summers, CSNW has hosted small, educational visits to the sanctuary to teach people about the plight of chimpanzees, engage them in our mission, and to show, in person, what it means to support CSNW.


We have also developed a unique internship program with Central Washington University, where students interested in primate behavior and husbandry can gain knowledge and experience by volunteering at the sanctuary.


Both the visitor and intern programs will benefit greatly from the addition of an on-site classroom, which will also function as a staff meeting room.


The exemplary care of our current chimpanzee family will continue while we keep our focus on the stable growth of the sanctuary. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are motivated by our shared desire to give more captive chimpanzees a better life.


We look forward to building the future of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest with you!


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