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Another sign of Spring

J.B. mentioned last week that the real first day of Spring at the sancutary is Negra emerging from the cozy indoors onto Young's Hill. Well, Missy has her own way of indicating that it's Spring. Missy can be a pit preoccupied with having what we call the "barn doors" open - even during the winter months. The barn doors are the two wooden doors that cover the steel doors that open up to the playroom from the outside. barn doors We keep them closed during cold weather, but sometimes Missy will still ask for them to be open even when it's chilly. If we oblige, she will usually just walk away. But, when it gets warmer, we prop the wooden doors open and the chimpanzees can spend time in the sun in that spot as well as the many other sunny spots in the building, in the greenhouse, and on the hill. Today, volunteer Denice came by to do some garden prep, and Missy was curious about her activities, overseeing Denice's work and looking out the window where she'll be able to see the tomatoes growing in just a few months: Missy hanging on window With the warmer weather and barn doors open more regularly now, Missy, for whatever reason, tends to initiate more interactions with her human caregivers. Here are some photos of Missy enticing me to play by showing me a towel and pushing it through the mesh of the steel barn doors: Missy hold towl Missy look at camera with towel Missy pushing towel through caging Missy pushing towel through caging Missy pushing towel through caging I responded by ditching the camera and running over to the barn doors where Missy was waiting, and she quickly whisked the towel away and waited by the doors where I had been standing inside the building, pushing the towel through there. This process repeated, sometimes with Missy allowing me to grab the other end of the towel and playing tug of a war for a few seconds. To me, Missy initiating tug of war and having me run around from inside to outside is the final sign of Spring. Thank you, Missy! Missy sitting aginst wall Missy looking up

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