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Old Friends

When former CSNW Executive Director Sarah Baeckler left the organization early last year for her new position as Director of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, she couldn't bring herself to say goodbye to the chimpanzees. So even though she and her family relocated to Portland, she stayed on as a volunteer caregiver and drives up to the sanctuary regularly to help clean enclosures and hang out with her chimpanzee friends. As you can see from these photos taken this morning, they're always happy to see her. web_Burrito_Jamie_caregiver_Sarah_GH_ek_IMG_8637 web_Burrito_tickle_caregiver_Sarah_GH_ek_IMG_8645 web_Burrito_tickle_caregiver_Sarah_GH_ek_IMG_8646

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Watch what five years of sanctuary means to seven chimpanzees.

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