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To Each Her Own

Missy and Negra are good friends, but they are opposites in a lot of ways. Missy is petite and athletic; Negra is large and round. Missy is always on the move; Negra is usually napping under a blanket. Missy is social and outgoing; Negra likes her alone time. Today after lunch Missy headed outside to Young's Hill for some sprints (Jamie in the background): web_Missy_run_Jamie_walk_in_background_YH_ek_IMG_8961 and some time with best friend Annie: web_Missy_Annie_sit_on_log_bridge_YH_ek_IMG_8982 At the same time, Negra took advantage of the warm, quiet playroom for an afternoon siesta: web_Negra_sleep_blanket_nest_poncho_catwalk_PR_ek_IMG_8998 web_Negra_sleep_blanket_nest_poncho_catwalk_PR_ek_IMG_9000 It brings us so much joy to be able to give these chimps the space and freedom to make their own choices, do what they like, and be who they are.

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Watch what five years of sanctuary means to seven chimpanzees.

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