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Happy Easter!

I will admit that we went a little over the top for today's Easter party, but it just kind of happened. A couple of days ago we got a delivery of three (large!) boxes of Easter party supplies and favors from supporter Jayne R. It was everything we needed to throw the chimpanzees an amazing Easter party. And then this morning volunteer caregivers Stephanie and Patti showed up for their shift in the chimp house with their arms weighed down with piñatas, veggies, and other goodies. The chimps really do have the best friends, near and far. We started the morning with a party in the greenhouse. The piñatas, as always, were a hit. Annie: web_Annie_hold_flower_pinata_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8769 Missy: web_Missy_butterfly_pinata_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8723 Jamie had to lie on her belly in the hammock to reach the piñata hanging underneath, but it was worth the effort: web_Jamie_lie_in_hammock_grab_hanging_egg_pinata_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8752 web_Jamie_sit_in_windowsill_pinata_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8762 Negra loved the treat tubes and other enrichment that Jayne sent: web_Negra_eat_nut_treat_tube_streamers_Easter_party_GH_dm_IMG_8590 web_Negra_treat_tube_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8650 web_Negra_hold_big_plastic_egg_enrichment_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8733 Missy did, too: web_Missy_treat_forage_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8727 web_Missy_hold_eat_carrot_food_look_up_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8708 Burrito: web_Burrito_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8781 Jody: web_Jody_eat_nut_food_Easter_party_GH_dm_IMG_8595 web_Jody_drink_from_cup_Easter_party_GH_dm_IMG_8580 Jamie: web_Jamie_dainty_drink_cup_straw_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8736 Foxie checked out the new goods: web_Foxie_profile_sit_enrichment_decorations_Eater_party_GH_ek_IMG_8794 and found a new Dora the Explorer! Thanks, Jayne! web_Foxie_inspect_new_Dora_doll_enrichment_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8817 Foxie took Dora for a stroll on Young's Hill: web_Foxie_walk_new_Dora_doll_enrichment_on_back_Easter_party_YH_ek_IMG_8797 Negra was more interested in the veggies we "planted" in the ground all over the hill: web_Negra_harvest_carrot_food_forage_Easter_party_YH_ek_IMG_8656 web_Negra_carrot_food_in_mouth_forage_harvest_Eatser_party_YH_ek_IMG_8661 web_Negra_carrot_food_in_mouth_forage_harvest_Easter_party_YH_ek_IMG_8663 Jody harvested a carrot from the treat rock: web_Jody_forage_harvest_veggies_treat_rock_Easter_party_YH_jb_IMG_8545 web_Jody_forage_harvest_veggies_treat_rock_Easter_party_YH_jb_IMG_8547 and another: web_Jody_forage_harvest_veggies_treat_rock_Easter_party_YH_jb_IMG_8537 web_Jody_forage_harvest_veggies_treat_rock_Easter_party_YH_jb_IMG_8539 Her arms were so full that she had trouble managing her haul, and had to stop every few feet to regroup: web_Jody_forage_harvest_hands_full_food_Easter_party_YH_ek_IMG_8681 But she worked it out: web_Farmer_Jody_bipedal_walk_hold_carrot_food_stash_forage_harvest_Easter_party_GH_ek_IMG_8685 Thanks again to Jayne, Patti, and Steph. Happy Easter, everyone!

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