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Jody: Head, Shoulders....

Part of being a Level II volunteer at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is working towards passing identification tests for all of the chimpanzees. We have some new interns from Central Washington University's Primate Behavior and Ecology Program right now who are working on their id skills. Something about helping with id today got a song stuck in my head...


Here's Jody's...



Jody head  


jody shoulders  


Jody knees  

and Toes

Jody toes  


Jody knees  

and Toes

jody toes 2





Jody eyes  

and Ears:

Jody ears  

and Mouth:

Jody drooped lip face  

and Nose:

Jody nose     .... what do you think? Could you id Jody now?   Actually, a few years ago, Elizabeth did some blog posts for each of the chimpanzees to help blog readers with id that are probably much more helpful - check them out if you're interested!  

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