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What Gives Us Comfort

Some of the Cle Elum Seven have become so attached to their favorite objects or habits that it's hard to think of the individual without also thinking of their "thing." For Foxie, it's a couple of dolls: web_Foxie_profile_two_Dora_doll_enrichment_in_mouth_GH_ek_IMG_0274 For Burrito, it's a toy in his mouth: web_Burrito_toy_in_mouth_GH_ek_IMG_2965 For Jamie, it's snuggling up with a boot: web_Jamie_lie_down_snuggle_boot_PR_ek_IMG_2914 For Negra, it's a soft nest and a blanket over her head: web_Negra_nest_blanket_poncho_catwalk_PR_ek_IMG_2916

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Watch what five years of sanctuary means to seven chimpanzees.

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