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Annie putting her feet up

The chimpanzees spent some time outside collecting their own snow today. But for the most part, everyone has been baking themselves in the sunny windows that look out over the valley below the sanctuary. After lunch, Annie was quick to settle down in one of her favorite hot spots. When Annie is resting, and is content and relaxed, she loves to throw her legs in the air and kick them about or put them up against the window, intermittently clasping her feet together. Occasionally she throws in some feet clapping and Annie-bird noises (she whistles through her hands for this) for good measure. Dear, sweet Annie... web_annie_lie_catwalk_feet_up_I_kd_IMG_6775 web_annie_feet_up_together_II_kd_IMG_6774 web_annie_feet_grasping_closeup_kd_IMG_6776 web_annie_lie_catwalk_feet_on_wall_III_kd_IMG_6777 web_annie_clap_feet_together_look_camera_kd_IMG_6778 web_annie_clap_feet_together_closeup_kd_IMG_6779

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