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Many of you have probably already seen yesterday's blog of Foxie with her new doll. Watching the video again, I'm reminded of a question I am often asked regarding how long Foxie carries the same doll before she picks a new one. The answer is, it varies. Sometimes she carries the same doll for days in a row, bringing it with her on walks on Young's Hill and sleeping with it in hand. Other times, it seems she goes back and forth between which doll(s) she likes best; leaving one behind only to come back to it later in the day. And still, at other times, her fascination in a particular doll is short lived. Luckily, Foxie has a plethora of dolls to choose from each and every day. This morning, she had the same "new" doll she was given yesterday, but by this afternoon, she was back to holding a few of her older favorites. web_Foxie_closeup_tiny_troll_in_mouth_yellow_hair_GH_kh_IMG_5225 web_Foxie_closeup_tiny_trolls_in_mouth_yellow_hair_nearby_GH_kh_IMG_5227 web_Foxie_hold_look_at_tiny_hairless_troll_in_hand_IMG_5269 web_Foxie_hold_look_at_tiny_hairless_troll_hand_GH_kh_IMG_5235 web_Foxie_hold_tiny_hairless_troll_hand_mouth_GH_kh_IMG_5241 web_Foxie_hold_yellow_haired_troll_in_mouth_GH_kh_IMG_5270 web_tiny_hairless_trolls_on_Foxie_belly_GH_kh_IMG_5283 web_Foxie_hand_tiny_hairless_troll_in_hand_IMG_5252

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