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The Birthday Tomato Queen

Today we celebrated Missy's 42nd birthday and the amazing chimp woman she is, so naturally we've been partying all day long! If you know Missy, you know that she thinks tomatoes are the.best.thing.ever! So naturally, we bought more tomatoes than we thought one small chimp woman could possibly eat. $42 worth to be exact. Missy was beside herself when she saw them all this morning! These are of course meant to stretch out for a couple days (our plan, not hers), but we still served tomatoes with every meal. And she still thought it wasn't enough. We planned an indoor/outdoor forage brunch party with fresh fruits, veggies, and primate chow to compliment the tomatoes along with sparkling cider and pineapple coconut juice and everyone seemed pretty pleased with the festivities. Though I didn't include a photo of her, Jamie was on the go drinking up all the juice. Missy with a mouthful of cherry tomatoes: Missy's bestie, Annie, with a treat bag: Negra with a mouthful of corn: Missy on the go, foraging: Burrito: Jody: We also scattered forage with lots of tomatoes on Young's Hill with some special hothouse tomatoes still on the vine high up on the shaky bridge - a classic Missy spot - in the hopes she'd be the one to find them. Foxie is right up there with Missy as far as tomato connoisseurs go and they ended up being the only two who decided to venture onto the hill for the outdoor portion of the forage. They headed out together and played it cool so as not to attract the attention of the others. Foxie found a whole tomato and quietly looked around to make sure no one was watching before popping the entire thing in her mouth. And you may not be able to see, but she's rubbing her toes together which is Foxie speak for pure happiness and contentment: Here she is hiding behind a post as she enjoys her secret tomatoes: Missy searched high and low (and she did find the tomatoes on the vine!): The Birthday Tomato Queen herself. We love you Miss! Happy Birthday and sweet tomato dreams. Rest up! There's more tomatoes to eat tomorrow!

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