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Second Day of Thanks, Featuring Kathy & Annie

This is the second installment in our week of thanks highlighting seven donors that represent seven different types of giving, while also highlighting the seven chimpanzees. As I mentioned yesterday in the first post highlighting Bruce Davidson's legacy giving, we at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest have a lot of people to be thankful for every day, and there is not a single day that goes by that I am not actively thinking about how grateful I am for all of the supporters who make up the family of the sanctuary. Today, I have chosen to highlight Kathy Cochran for her event giving. Kathy is a retired lawyer and a current photographer (check out her amazing photography here). She was an early donor to the sanctuary, starting in 2008. Here is why Kathy gives to CSNW, in her own words, I represented pharmaceutical companies in litigation for many years, and in that capacity learned about animal testing as a part of gaining approval from the FDA.  When I heard about CSNW, I felt one way I could thank and apologize to these beings for their involuntary (and often unnecessary) servitude was to contribute to CSNW. I have since followed this sanctuary closely, and get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that this is an organization addressing the aftermath of society’s mistreatment of these intelligent and soulful beings. What better chimpanzee to feature as the intelligent and soulful being that she is than Annie? Annie chin hair (above photo of Annie by J.B.) Like many of the donors we'll be talking about over the week, Kathy has given and shown her support in several different ways, including lending her artistic talents in designing promotional material and donating photos for our auctions. Raising her paddle during the donation portion of our gala events has been her "specialty" of sorts. Even on years when she wasn't able to attend our gala, she made sure that there was a proxy bidder to make her donation. Each year, auctioneer Laura Michalek has been able to leverage Kathy's raise-the-paddle pledge to inspire others to give during the sometimes knuckle-biting portion of the auction. Kathy's event donations have gone towards crucial general operating expenses, helped create a greenhouse out of the chimps' original "outdoor" area, aided in the completion of Young's Hill, allowed us to purchase and outfit a trailer into a veterinary clinic, and, most recently, have contributed to the Bring Them Home expansion fund for the chimpanzee building expansion. That was fun to write all of that out, because it shows how integral event donations have been to the last nine years of sanctuary. Wow! If you're the type that plans ahead, or if you're the type that tends to forget (that probably covers everyone, right?), and you're able to get yourself to Seattle next spring, add the date for next year's HOOT! gala to all of your calendars now: Saturday, May 19th. Between Kathy today and Bruce and Burrito yesterday, I hope you are feeling the thankfulness and inspiration too.   Below are a few more photos of the beautiful Annie for even more inspiration.   This one, also taken by J.B., symbolizes how far Annie has come. Looking at her calm face as she is perched high up on the twister structure alone, it's easy to forget the anxiety-filled Annie that we met when she arrived at the sanctuary. Annie on twister   Annie knows herself so much better now, and her awakening has been a beautiful experience to witness. annie with bit of tree annie  

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