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On The 3rd Day of Thanks

In this week leading up to Thanksgiving, we are giving Seven Days of Thanks. We have so many amazing primates (human and non-human) to celebrate! (Check out the first and second days of thanks if you missed them.) Today we want to thank our many volunteers - the incredible, selfless individuals who give their time to improve the chimpanzees' lives. Caring for seven chimpanzees is more than a full time job, and it's a job that our small staff of six could never handle on our own. Our volunteers find windows of time in their busy lives to dedicate to the chimps. Many have full-time jobs themselves (or are full-time students). Many come from across the state - or even from other states - to help us out. We are consistently humbled by their commitment, generosity, and spirit. Every single aspect of the chimpanzees' lives is made better by volunteers. Volunteers help ensure that the chimps are supported financially by helping out at fundraising and community events. registration table They help us expand and improve the sanctuary. web_Volunteers working on hill Denice JB Seattle animal groups pole setting IMG_3291 web caregiver volunteer construction negra cabin condo yh _MG_9868 web_volunteer Steve Rick climbing structure Young's Hill construction IMG_0987 They help us clean up after disaster. web_fire clean up JB caregiver brian volunteer tractor load burned log yh IMG_6415 They work to give the chimps a clean home... web becca volunteer clean GH (ek) IMG_2084 web_volunteers_Lizz_Holly_clean_squeegee_PR_ek_IMG_6187 ...fresh blankets... web jen matt volunteers fold blanket laundry (dm) IMG_2104 ...interesting things to do... web_Deb W. volunteer make enrichment christmas_MG_5086 ...and interesting things to look at. web_Thanksgiving_window_painting_by_volunteer_Sandra_GH_ek_IMG_6690 web volunteer kim mcandrews paint mural OA_MG_8708 They accompany the chimpanzees on perimeter walks to defend their territory... web_Stephanie_volunteer_Burrito_Missy_Jamie_walk_YH_jb_IMG_4029 ...and even befriend the local wildlife. web_Patti_caregiver_volunteer_Ellie_elk_dg_IMG_8303 They make sure the chimps always have fresh, healthy food by planting gardens... web_Demice volunteer in garden IMG_7051 web_volunteer_joel_garden_forage_setup_ek_IMG_4592 ...and delivering produce donations. web_Volunteer_Lynn_Annie_Darwins_produce_food_donation_jb They are some of the chimpanzees' greatest supporters, friends, and advocates and we couldn't be more grateful. resized_for_thankyouthursday_volunteer_caregiver_Steph_serve_lunch_Burrito_GH_ek_IMG_6157

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Watch what five years of sanctuary means to seven chimpanzees.

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