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Twister Legacy

There are a number of things that I didn't quite realize would be a part of helping to manage Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. One of these things is the depth of love that I would be privileged to witness among the humans who support the sanctuary. I truly feel that the fans and supporters of the chimpanzees are part of an extended family. I am regularly in awe of the people who come together to look beyond themselves, and the pain that is part of existing in this world, to support the chimpanzees who live at CSNW and their new opportunity for life in a true home. At the end of last year, a group of people came together to support Bill Walters, a friend who was going through cancer. Nicki and Bill Walters have been supporters for the sanctuary for years, in addition to supporting other animal rescue organizations in Washington. There was an outpouring of love for Bill, so his friend Ken hatched a plan to use the collective donations towards the building of a new structure on the hill. The Twister structure was born. Bill and Nicki were able to come out to the sanctuary to witness the chimpanzees exploring the structure after it was complete. It was a heartwarming day for me to be able to spend even just a little bit of time with Bill and be there with him to see the chimpanzees enjoy the structure named after him. web2_Bill_Nikki_Walters_Dave_chimps_foreground_TWISTER_IMG_2305   web_chimps_explore_TWISTER_first_time_IMG_2289   web_Missy_sit_top_TWISTER_first_time_first_exploration_IMG_2413   Last week, Bill lost his battle with cancer. His obituary is here. I know that Nicki and all of Bill's friends and family will never be the same. With his fun-loving nature and easy charm, Bill changed their lives for the better and his passing is a loss for them and for this world. Bill, and the love that his friends demonstrated towards him, will always be remembered at the sanctuary through the tall tower on the hill.   Jamie on Twister   Jamie close up on Twister   Jamie on Twister dusk

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