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Jody to the rescue

In order to help Burrito's recovery from his recent dental procedure, we have been giving him and all of the chimpanzees soft foods. So, today we roasted a variety of fruits and vegetables for all of their meals. And to take advantage of the cooler weather we've been having, we put out a forage on Young's Hill for lunch. Let me just tell you, there has been a ton of food squeaking going on over these roasted treats! As soon as we opened the door to give the chimps access to Young's Hill at lunch, all seven of them quickly made their way outside, gathering everything they could find. I watched Jody gather roasted onions and beets and quickly put them in her mouth. She went after roasted carrots next and had her mouth completely full before making her way back to the Greenhouse with it and her treats. Then she stopped, paused for a minute and looked behind her, then turned around and went back up the hill a few steps. I thought maybe she spotted another tasty morsel, but no, she saw something else and quickly snatched it up and practically ran back to the Greenhouse. Can you guess what it was? Hint, take a look at the photos below. web_Jody_gather_food_forage_treat_mound_rock_YH_kh_IMG_3168 web_Jody_bipedal_forage_food_mouth_dora_doll_in_hand_YH_kh_IMG_3188 web_Jody_forage_mouthful_food_dora_in_hand_walk_YH_kh_IMG_3189 web_Jody_forage_mouthful_food_dora_in_hand_walk_YH_kh_IMG_3191 web_Jody_forage_mouthful_food_dora_in_hand_walk_YH_kh_IMG_3196 web_Jody_relax_nest_platform_after_lunch_yoga_stretch_dora_doll_belly_GH_kh_IMG_6002 web_Jody_relax_nest_platform_after_lunch_yoga_stretch_dora_doll_belly_GH_kh_IMG_6003 web_Jody_relax_nest_platform_after_lunch_yoga_stretch_dora_doll_belly_GH_kh_IMG_6004

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