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The Thanksgiving Feast

All week we've been giving thanks for the people and organizations that make this sanctuary possible. Yesterday, it was all about the chimps. Which means that here at the sanctuary, it was all about the food. web_food_plate_thanksgiving_party_dg_IMG_6332 You know who likes food? This guy. web_Burrito_stand_tire_thanksgiving_party_gh_dg_MG_5451 He somehow managed to hold six baked apples in his hands while he vacuumed up everything else with his mouth. web_Burrito_eat_thanksgiving_party_plate_gh_dg_IMG_5407 I've never seen him concentrate this hard on anything before. web_Burrito_drink_beet_soup_shot_glass_thanksgiving_party_gh_dg_MG_5458 web_Burrito_drink_beet_soup_shot_glass_thanksgiving_party_gh_dg_MG_5455 Burrito wasn't the only one who enjoyed the Thanksgiving party. You'll have to watch the video at the end of this post to see what Negra had to do to get this treat bag. All I can say is that it was very un-Negra like. But as you can see from her expression, it was well worth the effort. web_Negra_success_hold_nut_treat_bag_thanksgiving_party_gh_dg__MG_5441 Foxie was joined by this little black-haired troll during the forage. web_Foxie_hold_troll_doll_thanksgiving_party_gh_dg_MG_5444 After lunch, they went for a stroll on the hill together (if you don't see the troll, look closely for some hair that seems out of place). web_Foxie_stand_troll_on_back_thanksgiving_yh_dg_MG_5464 There was no Thanksgiving food coma for Missy. Once the sun came out, she hit the hill to get some exercise. web_Missy_stand_tightrope_6_structure_yh_jb_IMG_6404 Many thanks to Patti, Sandra, and Katie for volunteering to help the chimps on the holiday, and to Patti and Denice for preparing the feast. As you'll see, it was quite a hit:

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