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Photos of the Day

Annie (with a mouthful of alfalfa) watching BFF Missy explore Young's Hill: web_Annie_mouthful_of_alfalfa_sit_in_raceway_look_toward_YH_ek_IMG_0034 Foxie: web_Foxie_close_up_GH_ek_IMG_0071 Jamie admiring caregiver Debbie's boots: web_Jamie_inspect_staff_caregiver_Debbie_boots_PR_ek_IMG_0031 Jody: web_Jody_close_up_alfalfa_cube_in_mouth_YH_ek_IMG_0047 Burrito grooming Foxie: web_Burrito_groom_Foxie_deck_GH_ek_IMG_0111 Missy in her element: web_cropped_Missy_stand_bamboo_YH_ek_IMG_0073 Negra in hers: web_Negra_blanket_nest_poncho_catwalk_PR_ek_IMG_0028

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Watch what five years of sanctuary means to seven chimpanzees.

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