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The relentless hawk

The hawk saga has continued this week and the chimps are still on high alert. Last week, J.B. posted about a hawk that caused the chimps to be somewhat apprehensive. Here's a couple shots of the hawk (we're calling him Hank). web_hawk_on_yh_post_hunting_jb_IMG_4391 web_hawk_on_yh_post_open_wings_jb_IMG_4399 Since Hank has been hanging out this whole week, the chimps are more used to his presence, but they are still very territorial. Today, Missy was still a little apprehensive and took cover inside the tunnel, and then ran back toward the safety of the chimp house. But Foxie, Jody, and Jamie were on patrol letting Hank know who's in charge. Missy emerging from the tunnel: web_Missy_emerge_from_tunnel_YH_jb_IMG_4471 web_Missy_run_YH_jb_IMG_4461 Foxie, Jody, and Jamie on alert: web_Foxie_Jody_Jamie_hawk_YH_jb_IMG_4431 And then on patrol to secure the rest of the territory: web_Foxie_Jody_Jamie_patrol_YH_hawk_jb_IMG_4441 web_Foxie_Jody_patrol_YH_hawk_jb_IMG_4438 Jamie took one last look back to make sure Hank learned his lesson: web_Jamie_bipedal_Jody_patrol_YH_jb_IMG_4444 It's really great getting to see the chimps exhibit such a naturalistic behavior---patrolling the fence line and defending their home. web_hawk_on_yh_post_stare_down_jb_IMG_4394

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