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Same boy, different toy

Today's blog is kind of a revisit of last Wednesday's blog. Same boy, different toy. web_burrito_slinky_fr4_I_kd_IMG_7740 web_burrito_slinky_fr4_II_kd_IMG_7742 web_burrito_slinky_fr4_III_kd_IMG_7744 web_burrito_slinky_fr4_IV_kd_IMG_7746 web_burrito_slinky_fr4_VI_kd_IMG_7751 web_burrito_slinky_fr4_VII_kd_IMG_7752 web_burrito_slinky_fr4_VIII_kd_IMG_7754 As most of these games with Burrito go, this is just his warm-up. Eventually, he can stand it no longer and launches down off the bench (as he's moving to do here) to advance into the tickle and chase portion of the game. web_burrito_slinky_fr4_VIV_kd_IMG_7756 Of course, it's incredibly fun to have the honor to play with any of the chimpanzees, but it's hard to find words to express the heartfelt gratitude as we witness them living their lives with such joy after all they've been through. That they find within them such a capacity to enjoy each day out from under the shadow of their histories is the best gift of all.

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